Arboreum Fatiflorum

I was up until 0430 this morning watching a very entertaining super bowl XLIX. I always book the next day off work to recover and go for a ride and today was no exception.
It was bitterly cold today, the temperature not rising above -1 degree all day and with the windchill it was significantly colder. The benefit of this though is that the trails were hard with frost and much easier to roll over. Away from the traditional very muddy parts the grown was almost abnormally dry, like it gets in spring after a dry spell and before the foliage starts to claim back the space it lost in winter. Pine needles and leaf litter crunched under my tyres.
Did I mention how cold it was? It was colder than that! I thought twice about doing the new downhill section we found in case it was iced up but in the end I MTFU and went for a look, as I plunged down, the rear wheel scrabbling for grip and skipping off the routes all thoughts of ice were forgotten as I concentrated on piloting the fat bike around the bends, wrestling it between the off camber terrain through narrow gapped trees, around the berms and finally over the stream. It was worth the frozen feet just for that descent alone.
Taking one photo every ride is fun but there is a danger of becoming repetitive so I’m always trying to think of new locations, situations or interesting things to photograph. I’ve done tree hanging shots before and I have a preferred tree for the shoot but the fat bike proved far too heavy to lift up to that branch! So tree of choice 2 was selected. Luckily there was no one about to look at the strange bearded bloke picking the fruit of the Aboreum Fatiflorum
ride 12
9 miles
total 187
commute 40

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