Snow finally comes to the NWAlps


I woke up at 0130 and checked outside to see if the forecast was true and yes! There was lots of snow covering the road, cars…everywhere! However, when I got up at 0630 the snow had gone from the roads and only a little lingered on cars and gardens. The only hope was that a bit of altitude at the top of the hills would ensure a slower thaw.

I dressed with multi layers and snow boots (only thing that keeps my feet warm for a reasonable ride length of time) even though they aren’t as grippy on the pedals as my 5:10s  and headed out the door.
The snow that was left on the road was soft and slushy but as I gained height the quality of the snow increased and there was significantly more of it. On Beacon hill in the sheltered spots it was 6” deep, soft and the big fat tyres excelled in it. Instead of cutting through like a normal tyre would the fatty’s floated on the top, it was still hard work to pedal but there was loads of traction even when cornering. The difference from riding on snow when I entered a wooded section was night and day as the muddy was slippy and the tyres struggled with any sort of steering input, it took a few turns to adjust my riding style to suit.
Thinking there would be just as much snow on to of Waseley hill I made my way up there on the steep farm track climb but disappointingly because of wind and the ever strengthening sun there was a lot less. Standing on this side of the M5 looking over into Worcestershire and Shropshirethere was a marked contrast in snow quantities, we had clearly had much more.
So the fat bike has experienced real snow and I can now see how it excels in it, next I need to try a beach!
Ride 10
13 miles
Total 149
Commute 40


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