1st road ride of 2015

It was lovely and warm in the sun today, with hardly any breeze you would be forgiven for thinking we were well into March, It was perfect for the first road ride of 2015.

I even got the carbon, mudguardless bike out and dusted it off. It felt very weird at first after the 4” tyres and 740mm width bars on the fat bike and It took me a few miles to get to grips with the fast steering and flat out speed of the road bike. It also didn’t help I was on one sided road pedals for the first time for about 7 years, It’ll take some time to get used to flipping the pedal rather than just pushing you feet in what ever the orientation that you get with mountain bike pedals. They do offer a much more supportive platform for my feet though.
We kept to quiet lanes and popped into Feckenham for a cuppa and a stem ginger cookie at the community store before the return leg. We sort of rescued a guy who was walking uphill pushing his bike, it turned out he had had an operation on his leg and this was his first ride back and he’d done too much too soon. A familiar story to me! It was a bit weird when he said to me “I know you, you’re the guy who rides the bike with the massive tyres!” fame at last eh? We rode tempo with him and chatted and once on the flat he seemed to recover a bit and we parted company as he headed for home and we had a bit more to do.
The sun was dipping as we neared home and the temperature dropped but it had been a little glimpse into the future and days riding in the sunshine
Ride 14
20 miles
Total 217
Commute 78

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