Penrose Stairs

I didn’t intend todays ride to be quite so strenuous but like most rides I do they tend to evolve as I go along, I just pedal where the front tyre leads me and today it seemed to be pointing upwards most of the way. There was a surprising amount of grip available for those riding fat tyres, I think Ian faired less well on skinny mud specific rubber. It was definitely better to be on the bike than to walk in the mud as a few stile lifts proved. I managed to stay upright off the bike for once though which is a bonus. Another bonus was Waseley café cake and the eating area we shared with a brave Robin. More climbing followed of course, this time with a perfectly valid excuse of trying to warm back up after sitting eating calories. Our reward were open gates at the top of the hill! We’d done the Esses climb backwards, tank slapper one way and then the other, even Bono got some two way action. The only thing we went only in a downward direction was the lost lens descent and we cooled the brakes in the stream crossing at the end (if only!)

All this up traditionally is followed by some down but somehow we followed it with some flat, some steps, a gravel motorway and then a steep off road climb past snorers cottage, I’m still not sure how we managed that feat, even the ride back to base was slightly uphill. Lionel and Roger would be proud
ride 16
19 miles
total 2 55
commute 97

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