Friday fun

a free Friday followed a night on dark porter in the pub, and the beer intake decided the destination of the ride. An unusual one for me as it was a local trail but we used a car to get there. This was because usually by the time we ride here we are knackered and it’s just a way to return home using routes we’ve used before. Today though we can explore a bit more.
I know a few trails but today we just followed our noses and went where the front wheel took us and it took us down some very dubious looking singletrack, very muddy, very over grown needing to dab a foot at times to stay upright but great fun. Our horsey friends had done a good job of cutting up the bridleways and this made the inevitable climbs even more tricky. Thick sticky mud was everywhere and I’m convinced it would have been a less fun experience on a skinny tyred bike. The climbs were tough, no doubt about it but the descents were rewarding enough for us not to be tooo bothered about it. You can’t when the down hill bits are on sinuous singletrack whipping through trees with off camber slippery turns and slicky roots, it was fab! we made the mistake of parking at the top of the hill though so we knew that the end of the ride was going to be uphill but we did have the bonus of being next to the cafe!
ride 17
7 miles
total 262

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