Ice avoidance

I woke up to icy roads after a lot of rain the previous evening, rain was forecast at lunchtime so I knew there was going to be a thaw at some point, if I wanted to ride without the risk of falling on ice (something I should have heeded the next day as I fell on black ice on my ride to work) and not get soaked by rain I’d have to time it just right.
Well I got 30 minutes of dry, frost clear riding in before it began to sleet which rapidly turned to heavy rain. The trails can’t get any wetter now so under the cover of trees it was business as usual, I was glad to be back on fat tyres though, confidence renewed. Out of the trees though things just got worse, heavier rain and high gusting winds made things most unpleasant. A ride in thick mud is a good workout though so I wasn’t too disappointed with the relatively short ride today. My legs still ached by the end, although that might be the cumulative effect of three straight days of riding
ride 19
9 miles 
total 284
commute 116 

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