bonus day off

unknowingly until My manager told me about it I had a day of annual leave still to use  up before the end of the financial year. I chose a Monday. As you might have read in a previous blog entry I snapped the chain the last ride I did on this bike, so after fixing it there was a certain amount of trepidation on some of the first few out of the saddle climbing efforts but it stayed in one piece the whole ride this time. I’d also raised the saddle and lowered the handle bars yto try and get a more efficient pedalling position. Also the 29+ front wheel and tyre felt much better than the ordinary 29″ tyre on the FS bike. I feel much more confident with it. It’s definitely faster too as I got a Strava KOM on this ride!
ride 33
25  miles
total 535
commute 173

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