something missing

With a Trip to Wales coming up Dan and I thought we should have a ride on the bikes we’re probably going to take with us rather than the fat bikes.
I’ve recently written about how the fat bike “ruined” the ride on a ordinary mountain bike and how on a fat bike you ride like you are piloting a full suspension bike and plough over things rather than picking the most efficient line. Well now having ridden the full suspension bike I can reveal that it felt totally alien! Suddenly there are roots littering the trail. there are bumps and drops, all taken with a blasé attitude on the fat tyred bike. Turn into a corner and even though the trails have dried out fantastically there was no grip in comparison to having a 4″ tyre. Things improved the further we pedalled as we got used to the limitations but for me the worst thing was climbing, Even though the bike is probably 10lbs lighter i hated the way it climbed, the front end lifting on steep gradients and that feeling of your power being robbed by the suspension movement front and rear. I’m seriously considering taking a HT to Wales instead. further testing needed i think!
ride 32
16 miles
total 510
commute 173

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