Pocket Brown Pow

                                               “Time to shred some brown pow bro!”

Today has confirmed that the current time of year, the current weather and current trail conditions are the best of at any time in the NWAlps calendar. Perfection doesn’t come often here, there are months of wet and muddy conditions, which, if you read this blog, you’ll probably be sick of hearing me moan about, but all that slogging through rain, snow, wind and near unrideable conditions becomes worth it for riding like today.
Riding on a carpet of dry crackling needles, you turn into the bend and the tyre cuts through to the loamy under surface kicking up a deep brown coffee grind like soil that has been mulching since last summer. The grip is phenomenal and only aggressive braking can lock up the rear wheel to slide around and straighten the corner for a speedier exit. roots are now an opportunity for air time rather than slide out time and late braking is the order of the day getting later and later to the point it gets scary, yet still you make it, that feeling of being on the limit one to savour.
There was no point trekking all over the NWAlps today, we had a pocket of perfect and made good use of it, fast downhills, long climbs, a trip over the bars, water splashes all in a compact arena of fun

ride 46
20 miles
total 761
commute 233

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