lying around

I hate lying around, i hate lying in the middle of the road too, but what i hate even more is sliding along the road leaving skin embedded in the tarmac. It’s never voluntary and this occasion wasn’t either. As I picked myself up from the ground I noticed my left hand crank lying a few feet from where the bike came to rest. No wonder there had been a sudden feeling of nothing being under my left foot as i was launched onto the asphalt. Luckily nothing was broken, bits were bleeding though and luckily i had two mates to get me out of the road, dust me down and attempt to get the bike ridable again.
shame really as up until then it had been a great chilled out ride, avoiding the bank holiday  crowds and making the most of the sunshine, Dan got airborne and Ian didn’t get a puncture.I got cuts, bruises and a set of pulled muscles in my ribs, safe in the knowledge, given my history of rib injuries that the next few days are going to be painful
ride 53
17 miles
total 874
 commute 233

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