Angel on one shoulder, Devil on the other

Ok, 3 hours after the ride in the previous post i gave into the devil on my shoulder. The weather was too nice, the breeze too gentle and the woods were full of bluebells at their very peak. I rode a big loop trying to pack in as much different terrain as possible. I also experienced a very loud creaking bottom bracket or crank, I wasn’t sure which, so rather than carry on as it was getting worse i made my way home, Firstly trying to tighten the cranks had no effect, neither did checking the tightness of the bottom bracket cups. Changing the bottom bracket changed nothing, very puzzling, pedal threads got greased too, stick loud creaking. Then it tried the rear wheel quick release…tightened it…and cured the problem, no more creak, typical!
Pleased yet frustrated at the vagaries of bicycle mechanics i finished the ride with a further 10 mile loop.
I had a little discomfort from my ribs and more the morning after but there is definately light at the end of the tunnel.
ride 58
25 miles
total 949
commute 251

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