Church to Church

I fancied a long ride and I haven’t ridden this route since last year so i left Alvechurch and headed on the north Stratford canal to kingswood junction at Lapworth before turning onto the grand union down to Warwick. I honestly thought this ride was around 32 miles but when i got the St Marys in the centre of Warwick |I had only done 26 miles, a bit disappointing really. I made up the last 4 miles doing some nostalgic sight seeing, i used to live in the town and it was interesting riding past my old haunts. The only thing of note about this ride were 5 personal records on the route according to Strava even though it felt really slow to me and the wasp that decided that taking a rest on the inside of my glasses lens, thicking my eyelashes with its wings would be a good idea. Stopping suddenly to remove it before it stung my eyeball on a very narrow towpath next to the water was a unique experience I don’t want to repeat in a hurry!
ride 65
31 miles
total 1063
commute 270

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