100k day

After yesterdays disappointingly short ride (30 miles) i was undecided where to ride today, the Forest of Dean, Cannock or the Wyre forest? When it came down to it I really couldn’t be bothered to sit in the car getting to any of these places. So, the one that was feasible to ride to was the Wyre so that made up my mind. Using just quiet lanes, cycle paths and a bit of off road it’s an enjoyable route and the bright sunshine didn’t hurt either.
I got to the forest in just under 2 hours and then did a couple of loops in the woods before heading to the visitor centre to refuel for the ride home. I checked out the local bike shop in Bewdley (Overspoke cycles) but it was closed. Amazingly i resisted the lure of the brewery right next door, despite the hoppy malty smell that was emanating from it.
As i passed the 40 mile mark I started to wonder if 100k (62ish miles) was obtainable on this route, as it turned out it wasn’t, as i clocked 91k as i got home. So i refreshed my water bottle and hit the road again to obtain the final 9k. All this fuelled by an apple, a ham sandwhich and a flap jack, who needs gels,powders and energy bars?!
ride 66
63 miles
total 1126
 commute 270

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