Inland seas

Time for a quick ride, it had been a weird Sunday really, not the usual routine of riding and relaxng. I’m changing places of work and need to carry out a recce run to see how long it would take me to get there and find a place to park. Yes that’s right, my work place doesn’t provide enough parking spaces for all it’s staff and if you are lucky enough to get a pass to the car park they charge you monthly for it but don’t guarantee you a place, it’s entirely first come first served! that’s privately funded NHS hospitals for you.
So in a bit of a rush to fit a ride in we took the road bikes, the longer route we were going to take was adjusted as @charlotteTCR was suffering with a sore back so we took it easy and concentrated on views rather than performance.
the wheat and other crops in the fields we were passing are just the right length now to be caught by the breeze and look very much like the surface of an ocean gently lapping and forming waves across the horizon. It’s almost as mesmerising as watching the unrelenting sea at the coast and no less beautiful. We’re very lucky to live in this green part of the country, sometimes we take it for granted and pass it by without a second glance.  
ride 74
16 miles
total 1238
commute 306

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