Summer is here

Summer is here, just look at the depth of the puddles on todays ride! It’s been a lovely week…whilst I’ve been at work and now,as Saturday has arrived the sky hasn’t stopped dropping water in large quantities since the early hours. It got to the point where I had to go out regardless of conditions. I didn’t want to get behind on my mileage I’m far enough behind last year as it is. so I put on a rain jacket, got the mud guard equipped bike out and headed off.
Of course from the moment i pushed off and got pedalling it didn’t actually rain at all and I was soon regretting the jacket. I only had a base layer and bib shorts on underneath but it was so hot desperate measures were needed. I found a secluded spot, stripped off my jacket, base layer and bib straps, put the straps under the base layer, rolled up my jacket and tied it around my waist. The thicker gloves went in the bar bag. that was about as good as i could manage. The breathable layer, unencumbered by the thick jacket did an admirable job at keeping me cool and riding without gloves was very strange but liberating. Rubbish for sweat wiping though
ride 77
35 miles
total 1284
commute 306

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