tree 1, Dan 0

After a week of lovely weather the night we had arranged to ride turned out to be wet, not torrential rain and not continual just light drizzle interspersed with the occasional heavier burst. It was very warm though so even wearing a T shirt and shorts I felt comfortable and the precipitation was actually welcome as a cool aid after a few climbs.
Even though the weather was less than clement and we didn’t start riding until 1900 there seemed to be a inordinate amount of people in the woods near the visitor centre so we headed for beacon side, showed Ian the new singletrack and made our way to Bono. the rain hadn’t penetrated under the trees yet and so the ground was hard, dry and grippy, perfect for fast riding.
 At the top of Bono I made the fateful decision to use the “son of Bono” option. You enter at speed and enter the twisty and sometimes off camber bits, negotiate the awkward roots, thankfully still dry and then thread your way through the trees on the final drop back onto the original Bono trail.
Those final trees though had other ideas or the elves who fox riders in the Mint Sauce comic strip were lurking behind them and after i had passed between them i heard a sharp crack and a groan from behind me. hitting the brakes and coming to a stop i turned back a little apprehensive to what I was about to find.I found Dan holding his arm and sat on the ground next to his bike. He’d caught a short, stubby but thick (at least 3″ thick) branch with his upper arm at full speed. the force of the impact had broken the branch clean off the tree! As painful as it must have been it was a relief that the injury wasn’t more serious, no gushing blood or broken bones. Clearly after i had ridden through the elves had pushed the trees closer together and Dan had fallen foul of their mischievousness.
We had to treat Dan’s injury with medicinal alcohol in the shape of a beer but we all knew that however painful it was now the morning and the following days would make tonights discomfort pale into insignificance.
ride 80
13 miles
total 1362
commute 324

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