Wyre Forest

It’s really been too long since I rode at the Wyre forest, sometime last Autumn I think. Conditions today were near perfect, dry, sunny and warm and apart from a few isolated areas of mud the forest was dry and dusty. Unfortunately the bike I had planned to take developed a fault so i had to use the Fat bike. Not the ideal bike to use when trying to keep up with guys on either light weigh cross country machines or full on enduro rigs, but at least i could use it as an excuse to ride at the back! when i uploaded the data from my bike computer to Strava I actually got my fastest time on 8 segments, so either i was deadly slow before or I didn’t do too bad.
It’s always difficult to plan a route to keep everyone happy, a good mix of climbs, descents and singletrack is the goal and I hope I achieved that. A few tweaks to the route and it’d be pretty much perfect.
There were a couple of trips over the bars but thankfully no lasting injuries. New guy Kris joined us after making contact via the NWAlps facebook group and survived!
ride 89
16 miles
total 1525
commute 349

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