it’s all temporary

I’d hoped to ride much further than this but empty legs curtailed that idea, pity as it was a great day weather wise. I headed along the ridgeway to the broken bridge at Bidford, past “cold comfort farm” and onto one of my favourite bits of road that snakes it’s way into Pebworth. From there i kept passing these signs guarding the entrance to a “temporary car park”, basically a hastily fenced off square of recently cut grass at a field entrance. The car parks were a summer only thing meant to promote walking in woodland. In each one i came across i struggled to see any woodland and not one car. From Pebworth next came the greenway into Straford. I stopped briefly to watch the horse racing at the racecourse beforeheading home via Anne Hathaway and Mary Arden’s cottages
ride 92
53 miles
total 1630
commute 349

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