so "peased" to be back in the saddle

having a bout of sickness for 24hrs and being forced to be off work it was a relief to feel well enough to be back on the bike this evening.
Although cool it was dry, pretty much perfect for the route I’d planned with 1260ft of climbing, pretty much all downhill then all uphill, so approx 10 miles of hill reps. Add to this the fact i was on the fat bike it was a decent work out.
If i#d have got hungry en route I’d have been saved by an unusual crop (for the NWAlps) It took me a while to realise they were peas. I’m used to garden grown ones on high canes, These were about 2,5ft high and quite bushy. Clearly though the plants loved their enviroment as they were bursting with pods of big fat peas!
ride 98
20 miles
total 1745
commute 384

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