new cafe cake dilema

@charlotteTCR and her buddies had done a cross country walk to the village of Chaddesley Corbett and sought refreshment at the cafe on the high st and had such great things to say about it that we just had to visit on the bikes.We used a convoluted Timberhonger route which was all quiet lanes apart from a few yards on a main road. The cafe has a garden with tables at the rear which is easily accessible by bike and the staff were very accommodating. I popped inside to check out the cake selection and was over whelmed  with choice. this dilemma is a double edged sword though as although i couldn’t taste all the cakes it means I’ll have to return to try the others! In the end i plumped for ginger and rhubarb cake and it was scrummy!
We returned a different way but on equally quiet roads smug in the knowledge that we’d burnt off the calorific value of the cake before we got home
ride 9925 milestotal 1770commute 384

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