the lost keys ride

Things were all arranged to meet Dan for an after work ride and a beer. I got home in plenty of time before the meet and thought I’d get the bike out ready….hmm, can’t find the keys, oh well, time to check all the pockets of clothes i was wearing when i put the bike away… luck, ok, maybe they’d fallen into the shoe rack under the place where we keep the keys. no, not there either, bugger! It didn’t matter how many times i looked in exactly the same places i’d looked before “rolls eyes” the keys still weren’t there. So last resort I txt @charlottetcr to see if she knew where they were…hoping she’d taken the keys to work by mistake and… phew she had! panic over, googling lock smiths could stop but unfortunately so could my MTB ride with Dan, i had toi resort to riding the road bike which just happened to be in the house. So to make the most of it i decided to do the Feckenham ride and go hard on all the uphill bits. This paid off according to Strava with 8 Personal records! my legs were painful by the end but nearing home I got a txt inviting me for a Belgian beer or two at the local cafe, rude not to i thought. the ride home was much less painfull after that!
ride 118

9 miles
total 2084
commute 505

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