coming full circle

Most of my riding used to be on Sundays, but lately it’s been much more convenient to do the big ride on a Saturday. Generally this has an excellent side effect. Saturdays on the trails are a lot quieter and if you get caught without food the shops are open! although they are a lot busier as all those not on the trails are shopping or doing family stuff.
Today I rode to Warwick via the canal system and visited where this blog you are reading began in 2010. This very field is where i took my first photo, i was 5 years younger and 3 st heavier.The idea was to motivate myself to exercise and get back into a reasonable fitness after illness. So far i think it’s working, I may have bored the pants of those who have dipped in and read the rubbish I write but I hope in some small way I’ve inspired someone else just to turn a pedal and see some of the things I do whilst riding.
There aren’t many routes in Warwick but this is one of my favourites, for the significance mentioned above and for the views and feeling of remoteness you get even though “civilisation” is very near by. You also get to see Kenilworth castle!
I also always go and window shop in Mike Vaughan cycles and today the fat bike became centre of attention there, I was invited in and a small crowd gathered around it, comparing it to the Specialized Fatboy they had in the showroom. They were impressed with the weight and the amount of mud on it “nice to see one being well used” was one comment!
As an end of ride treat I pedalled further on to Leamington Spa to meet @charlotteTCR for the most humongous piece of cake! Some things change but i hope riding (and cake!) isn’t one (two?) of them
ride 122
35 miles
total 2163
commute 505

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