Brewing up

I purchased an Alpkit brewkit and i wanted to try it out locally for future use on longer trips or to keep in the car to have a warm drink or meal. I carried it in a back pack, not something i really like riding with so i will be looking for an alternative way to carry the cooker and the gas. It took around 8 minutes to boil 2 cups worth of water but i didn’t have the gas turned up to maximum so it’ll probably be faster. not sure how long the gas will last but there seemed plenty of it left afterwards. so i’m pretty impressed to get the pot, cooker gas and carry bag for less than £35. I still don’t fancy this bike packing lark though, i like my comforts and even after half an hour i spent more energy swatting midges than i gained from the sugar in my coffee!
ride 135
8 miles
total 2378
commute 523

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