wash out

sometimes riding in the rain is unavoidable. today is one of those days. it takes a lot of will power to actually get out and ride. Standing watching the rain be blown across the back yard from the warmth and dry of the house isn’t inspiring. At these times it’s good to have a riding buddy as one of you will have a spark of enthusiasm and will cajole or shame the other into getting their arse in gear. So was the case today, Dan didn’t call it off and turned up looking bedraggled but smiling so i had no excuse. I also have waterproof kit so that wasn’t a valid reason to chicken out either. And you know what, as is often the case, once you leave the house and head into the woods, the motivation returns and you make the best of it, sliding the rear of the bike on the slick leaves, splashing through the puddles and knowing there’s a warm drink and a slice of something sweet mid ride to look forward to. having the inclination to leave the warm cafe is another thing altogether though!
ride 142
13 miles
total 2521
commute 559

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