your name could be here

after a great ride at the frensham fatbike foray last weekend Roy, Judy, Dan and I decided it was about time that we did a mtb race together as a team and as a result team BeerBabe/NWAlps was born. We will be definitely targeting the Bontrager 24/12 race next July and hope to do many other races too. We are also supported by the Mudhugger and their excellent mud guards.
So, we are also looking for other help, especially in the areas of clothing and nutrition. We are very savvy in the world of social media and self promotion and I’m sure the guys at Beerbabe and Mudhugger will attest to us increasing their sales over the last two years of association with them and we could do exactly the same for you. we have many hits on this blog and via facebook, Twitter and instagram. plus size bikes are our speciality and your company could cash in on this growing sector of the mtb market, whilst run of the mill bikes stagnate, fat and plus size rides are gathering momentum and are the current buzz words. let us help you by helping us!

ride 150
16 miles
total 2639
commute 631

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