what boxing day is all about

I usually manage a Christmas day ride, not usually far, just to visit relatives but for one reason and another it didn’t happen this year so i was happy when the opportunity to get out on boxing day occurred.
There actually seemed to be less people out on bikes today than the amount i saw whilst driving yesterday. maybe it was the forecast of high winds and rain? well the winds turned up but it stayed dry the whole ride. I really didn’t fancy doing any distance on the fat bike into a 40 mph+ headwind so took the Singular instead and had a very slithery time trying to stay upright with the very summer, dry trail designed from tyre. For once a puncture happened at a very convenient time, although I’m convinced if i hadn’t gone out of my way to let some walkers pass  by me by going onto some long grass I’d have avoided it. as it was i had a nice comfy bench out of the wind and I’d even had the forsight to pack a puncture repair kit. So with no time constraints i took my time and fixed the inner tube with a patch, re-inflated and carried on, all without drama or swearing!
the busiest part f the ride came as i encountered a boxing day fox hunt (although I’m pretty sure they were just after a false fox) it must have been the end of their ride as there were about 40 horses and riders and almost as many quad bikes for some reason, traffic chaos ensued on a normally peaceful narrow lane. there were however some very attractive ladies on the aforementioned horses. it was a relief to turn off the lane and into the final series of climbs back home.
I set out with the target of 20 miles and achieved 23 which i’m pretty happy with
ride 153
23 miles
total 2693
commute 649

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