cheap and dirty ride

with a few sportive rides entered this year I needed a road bike, Now i’d love to spend £££ on a state of the art carbon racing bike with the latest kit on it but i really can’t justify the cost for the amount of use it’ll get compared to a MTB. So my basic priority was a good frame that i could use to put some decent parts that i’ve already got on to. the Giant defy has good reviews and because this is last years model it has a great discount on it, it cost a lot less than a good set of wheels usually does. this was my first ride on it that wasn’t on an indoor trainer. It took a few miles to set up the saddle and bar height to how i like it, when it’s sat on the turbo trainer it’s just not the same as on tarmac so i was prepared and took the the right tools with me on the ride. I have to say it’s lighter than i was expecting for the price and it feels as comfortable as my old carbon frame was. I’m glad i went for the M/L frame rather than the large and i’ll need to drop the front end a little but so far all good
ride 9
23 miles
total 168
commute 54

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