always something there to remind you

for 40 something year old riders we are fairly fit. We possess bicycle handling skills that people our age have had or lost or never gained in the first place. Go us! aren’t we amazing?!
This weekend one of my facebook friends (yes I’m 49 and use FB kids!) was going to a school reunion at a local venue. I was invited via FB but as most of them were a year older than me and as the “older” kids never mixed with us immature youngsters I didn’t know most of the names of those who had said they were going. Of course at school we looked on with envious eyes at the older and more cool pupils we wanted to be and given time would become but I didn’t mix with them and quite frankly I couldn’t tell you the names of most of the kids in my own year apart from the girls I had a massive pubescent crush on!
Looking at some of the aftermath photos I still don’t recognise anybody but what I do notice is that perhaps 90% of them seem to be adhering to the 40/50+ stereotype. Most, with a few exceptions and I say this desperately trying not to cause offence, could do with loosing a few pounds and If I’m honest look like the reunion is 10 years in the future.
Harsh probably, we all have different stories to tell, no one’s life will have been a bed of roses, I can confirm that and lots have had to battle various demons. It does though make me feel lucky to have got this far being able to still pedal a bicycle for 50 + miles and be able to walk the next day.
50 miles was the goal for todays ride and despite a blustery headwind I have to say, without trying to sound like a show off we all found it easy, a more conservative pace and we all would have doubled that distance without too much trouble.
But lets not get cocky and start waving willies all over the place. On one downhill section Dan and I saw two riders turn onto the road ahead and with a rush of blood to the head decided we would chase them down. Going downhill with momentum and the fact that our opponents were pedalling from a standing start we caught them quickly by the bottom of the hill. Dan. in a moment of the greatest wisdom I’ve seen for a while decided not to go past them at this point. It was a great decision  because and I firmly believe this, without even noticing us and seemingly without effort they pulled away from us..on the flat and then proceeded to drop us until by the next hill they rode out of sight.
there is always something there to remind you that you are not the best, not the fittest or most talented and this is just as motivating as seeing your peers enjoying their middle age spread. There is always room for improvement and no matter what age you are never give up trying.
ride 19
51  miles
total 413
commute 72

5 thoughts on “always something there to remind you”

  1. Yeah, you can always improve, but there should be limitations as to what you should do, for the sake of riding even more in the future. But I do like how fit you guys are even at your age, I hope I can be the same when I grow older. 🙂


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