first 100k ride of the year

picture by Dan Phillips

the first ever NWAlpsCC organised road ride. Incorporating a few very mild off road sections to simulate the up coming Tour of the Black Country sportive. Thankfully the head wind encountered on the recce route had dropped and it was a very pleasant day. The only negative thing was a blocked cyclepath that took some navigating past and a very busy race course where a rowing competition (on the river, not the race course!) was taking place. Post ride i did suffer a very sore right hamstring that coused me to limp about the next day.
ride 23
64  miles
total 578

10 thoughts on “first 100k ride of the year”

  1. So what's with the attitude then, fella? I like reading your blog and I like to get involved sometimes and you've never spoken to me like this before.I consider the NWAlps to be like the AMBS was – just mates on bikes. If you don't consider my ride to be a NWAlps ride because I didn't post it on your FB page that's fine, I can understand that. But you could've just explained that without the “I'll let you work it out” stuff. You're talking to me like I'm a naughty child.I know I'm a shitty cyclist compared to you (actually, compared to most people!) and I must be seen as Dan's strange friend with the crap bike, but I'm also an experienced teacher and father to four so I'm not used to being addressed like that.It's tempting to talk to people however you like when you're behind a keyboard, but it's important to remember there's a real person on the other end.At the end of the day it's about respect.


  2. Wow Ant, and you asked me if I'm having a bad day!This is a blog, it's a bit of fun. I reply to it the same as I write it, at the last minute whilst doing at least 2 other things at the same time.I think you're taking it way to seriously. I hope you can see that this is similar to txt messages where you can't see/hear the inflection of emotion that was meant in my reply (although yours is pretty clear) maybe I should have put a emoji?Accusing me of being a keyboard warrior is a bit much. If I thought you were being daft I'd tell you to your face, but as I'm here writing this now, Ant, you're being daft.You can read that as you want as life is too short to get riled up about this sort of stuff & I'd rather spend it doing other more fun things.


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