not going to plan

After a very frustrating week I was finally out on my bike today. I’ve had a cold since Monday and was very sensible and kept off the bike, the fact that it was either really windy or raining or both didn’t make that too hard a decision . but it was frustrating as I’m also on holiday from work! Plans of long rides in the sunshine have been scuppered.
Today, feeling better, my right eye doesn’t now leak snot/fluid when i sneeze i thought a nice gentle bike ride would be in order as the sun was shining. But somehow, i think lifting bikes in the store room has aggravated by suspect back and I’m now in full on limp and twinge mode. not wanting to twist it more but still needing to move it i did little off road riding and mainly kept to tarmac. not the ideal end to a holiday, hopefully tomorrow will see improvement
ride 40
12 miles
total 882

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