NWAlpsCC Jerseys

 special edition jerseys available, here’s a word from Dan..

Hi all, We’ve got the final designs back for our jerseys. I need to get an idea of roughly who is interested in ordering and what they are after. The prices can vary quite dramatically so the more we order the better deal we all get! The roadie style “core jersey” could cost from £47 – £58 and the MTB tech top from £33 – £43 (its available in both long and short sleeve.) The quality of the stuff is really good and we know a few people who have ordered from them and are very happy. If you could reply with what you are interested in and the amount, then I will be able to quote more accurate prices.
e.g. roadie x 1 MTB x 1.
Ordering will be via an online shop set up for us, so it will be less hassle and they’ll be no need to go around collecting cash off everyone

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