no Leaf and bean to be seen

another route through the Warwickshire and Worcestershire countryside, this time I’d planned to ride to Cheltenham and back via Tewksbury. However the wind today was horrendous. i think 50 miles of this route was straight into it. Head winds sap your energy and i felt it wise to cut the ride shorter than i’d planned. I went via Evesham, winchcombe and Broadway in a loop hoping that the change of direction would lessen the wind.
feeling very hungry i stopped off at “leaf and Bean” in Broadway. i stopped in the courtyard under the sign that said “please take a seat and we’ll be out to take your order in a few minutes” this was next to the “CCTV”  sign. i presumed my arrival was shown on some sort of scren. i waited 5 minutes. It was just after lunchtime and suspecting they were probably busy i left my bike and walked over to the cafe and stood in the doorway. it is only small and i was passed by at least 2 staff at least twice. no one spoke to me even though i was an obsticle to their passage. i gave them the benefit of the doubt and presuming i wasn’t invisible again presumed they’d spotted me and would be out to take my order. sadly this wasn’t the case and my table which could have been laden with a mutlitude of delights remained barren. i got fed up and i was starving so left insearch of some basic service and sustinance. boith of which Leaf and Bean failed to provide.
ride 94
68 miles
total 2052

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