a sign of adventure

My new job means working Saturdays so this has cut down my weekend riding opportunities down by half. however working at the weekend does give me a day off to myself during the week. this has a few drawbacks, all my riding buddies work 5 days and have the weekend off so if i ride it’ll be solo. this kind of restricts where i ride as going somewhere remote on my own on a week day  and having a mechanical means the chance of rescue is very limited. also crashing would be more of a drama with there being no one there to pick up the pieces untill maybe the weekend.
however, the bonuses are that by and large all the trails are empty of nearly everyone!. no other riders to get in the way or hold up, no horse riders, just the odd O.A.P. dog walking. also all the cafes have planty of room and seemingly bigger portions in the week.
today i stayed local, not from any fear of incidents but just because i thought i’d visit a few trails i’d neglected over the summer and maybe a few trails that would just cause conflict from other users at the weekend.
So, working Saturdays, mixed blessings but on the whole not too much of a burden
ride 99
22 miles
total 2172

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