lost in the mist

“fancy an early ride over Malvern?” said Dan. Great idea i thought, early morning, sunrise, empty trails before everyone gets up, sounds perfect. “lets do it” was my reply.
last time we did this it was in a howling gale and the thickest mist this side of being able to slice it into pieces with a knife. well either we enterd a time vortex, history repeats itself or the Malvern hills really don’t like us being there because it was much the same story this time too. maybe a little less breezey but vision was just as compromised.
It didn’t stop us, though the immediate climb from the van nearly did. from resting heart rate to redline without a warm up is not a good idea and a length rest at the summit was needed, then a steady ride of climb and mini descent followed as we inched our way from British camp to Worcestershire beacon for the photo.
then the reward, a great downhill blast back the way we’d come, then a detour around the resevoir, a climb around the back of the BC and back to the van. a short distaqnce but a helluva lot of climbing!
maybe next time we can arrange some sun and some views?
10 miles
total 2219

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