a night out with the boys

this is the Urban dictionary meaning of “a night out with the boys”
 “boys night out also can mean a bunch of boys going out having a night on the town. Sometimes boys night out is a bunch of drunk guys with no girlfriend/Wife present. Then for the older men is just a game of poker or whatever they do!”
and probably this is along the lines of what most people thought when any of the 7 of us out tonight spoke to our non cycling friends or colleagues and where asked “what did you get up to last night?” when you reply, “night out with the boys” they think, well, doing that on a week night and he looks quite fresh too, respect!….although he is walking a bit funny.
yes, it happens and the walking funny part is from all that pedalling or in the case of Howard, riding into trees. see, our idea of a good night out is riding bikes in the woods, in the dark, in near freezing temperatures with only the sound of owls, mystery beasts in the undergrowth and the rasp of laboured breathing as we get to the summit of the latest climb.
trails seem so much faster and more technical at night in the dark, there seems less margin for error and the chance of injury greater, if you are going to go big take a friend, gnarly solo night riding is a risk. so it was good to see so many people out and going for it.
inevitably we did return to the stereotype at the end as the ride did involve a pub stop but it definitely didn’t involve poker
ride 105
12 miles
total 2259

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