ride it all before the gloop comes back

the weather forecast is wet, damp, more wet and showers from Friday onwards. I usually have Friday off but this week i’ve stuck two fingers up to the weather as i have a Thursday off and i made the most of it.
the local riding is extraordinarily dry, drier now than it was in the summer, the leaves are down but they’ve fallen on hard baked, even dusty in places ground. they give a satisfying crunch as the fat tyres roll over them. so as there was this one last chance to ride in these conditions until probably spring next year i tried to do all the fun bits now. here’s what i rode
from the door
rooty challenge
the long short cut
the big drop to the stream
double drop
the kids trail
the tankslapper
Waseley’s moist backside
the short cut to Waseley (backwards)
the esses off the ridge (i think i got whiplash from the final drop)
the bog climb
the wooden beast (and a new trail i found to link back to from the door)
certain death
cofton church land bridleway
over the shortwood tunnel (the best way)
and quite a few as yet unnamed bits
it was a little chilly and a warm cheese and ham croissant was just the job but it was great fun and as an added bonus my newly tubelessed wheels seem to have sealed ok.
now to find the waterproof socks, shorts and jacket out
ride 106
24 miles
total 2283

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