it’s lonely at the top

with everyone either busy, ill or “can’t be arsed” it was up to me to go out and ride my bicycle to represent the NWAlps this Sunday. i took the opportunity of the otheres laxness to have a leisurely start and not leave until 10am! this has the benefit of the temperature being a bit warmer, the sun a bit higher in the sky but the drawback of the woods being full of other people. not that there was any conflict, everyone was cheerful but obviously i had to rein in my speed on a few occasions to give way to walkers and horses. conditions could be dascribed as warm and wet, the roots still slick but out of the wind in the woods i was quite comfortable wearing just a jersey on top.
I didn’t linger in the woods but took a big loop around the area, popping into the park for coffee and cake before climbing the canl toards home. finding a friendly guitatr shop and real ale bar was the bonus maybe i shouldn’t tell the others about that last one and keep it secret for the select band who were out today.i.e. me!
ride 109
22 miles
total 2339

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