one fail and one win

i suggested we meet late today (1400) to avoid the rain and allow for a beer stop as a treat for those hardy enough to venture out in the less than ideal conditions. it was flipping cold but thankfully the sky wasn’t battering us with what had seemed like the contents of most of the nearby rivers and streams.
the sensible people had stayed indoors so we mostly had the trails to ourselves, only Russ attracting the attention of some dogs, they ignored the fat bikes and went for him on his skinny wheeled bike.
we did our first run down “bus stop” of the autumn. Out of bounds during the summer because of the vicious plantlife which has now died back a little allowing access, it’s still too grippy under tyre to be fun though. bring on the slime!
after a bitter trudge up the canal we arrived at was supposed to be the jewel in the crown, the pinnacle of the ride, our goal. the real ale shop…which closed 15 minutes before we got there…ARSE!!
so plan be was put into action and we went to the pub instead, not ideal but with outside heaters and decent beer it was tolerable. those best laid plans eh
ride 110
22 miles
total 2361

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