Global Fat bike Day

once again Dan and I made our way down to the Surrey hills to Meet with Judy and Roy from who had organised the event.
Last year was quite low key, fat bikes were popular but they hadn’t really gone mainstream and the choice of bike being ridden was limited to the few niche or enlightened companies who were producing one at the time. This year there were twice the amount of riders (maybe more actually) some of who were riding last year. You can certainly tell that fat biking has got more popular as there were a lot more pimpier bikes than last time, gone were the entry level bikes for the majority and they were replaced with lightweight alloy and carbon exotica. there is always an exception to the rule though with the stand out bike being the hand build bamboo fatty. there was also a throw back to the past with a guy riding one of the very first fat bikes ever, a frame built by wildfire bikes which he used onthe Alaska Ultra race which was very interesting to look at and see the evolution since the early 2000’s
this years route was a lot more sandy and we started at Frensham Ponds, there was some sweet singletrack, a few small hills, lots more sand. ford and river crossings and the obligatory visit to Frensham Brewerry for a pint and a sausage roll.
this years weather couldn’t have been better and a marked contrast to last years high winds, all in all another very enjoyable day
ride 113
25 miles
total 2418

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