post Christmas excess ride

It seems ages since i last threw a leg over my bike, it’s actually only been two days but those two days have been full of food, drink and laziness and that really showed on this ride. I’m also the heaviest I’ve been for three years which also doesn’t help on the climbs. I’m going to do something about that from now on. I need to because I seem to be riding with younger people these days, at least 21 years younger! this isn’t giving my ego any sort of boost but I hope it’ll improve my fitness I suppose i should point out that they were on regular mountain bikes and i was on my my fat bike but I don’t want to use that as an excuse as it hasn’t been a factor in the past.
It all sounds very depressing reading that back but in fact it was a very enjoyable ride and we showed our trails off to a couple of riders who haven’t seen them before, i think they enjoyed it.
so it’s coming to the end of another year of doing this blog, there are going to be a few life changes in the coming weeks, some bad and some good and I’m going to try and keep positive whatever happens.
ride 118
15 miles
total 2491

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