2016 ends

So this is the last ride of 2016 and the saddest ride of the year and my life, family bereavement is not good at anytime but seems amplified in the festive period. tears don’t freeze by the way.
so riding this year has overall been disappointing, the first half of the year was affected by the time constraints and lack of commuting opportunities of my old job. the second half has been better as I’ve changed jobs which has given me more time but a knee injury in the middle of the summer stopped me riding for over three weeks which was very frustrating and knocked my mileage down considerably.
highlights of the year were the 24-12 24 hour race near Plymouth in July and the Global fat bike day in Surrey in December. In both the riding was good but it was made outstanding by the friends I rode with and I want to make this a theme of my riding in 2017. Quality and to not stress about lack of quantity, to ride when I want to rather than because i think i need to.
Also I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to be an ambassador for Pearl Izumi clothing and Rad8 MTB glasses in 2017. I’m also pleased to be supported again by Mudhugger mudguards and Beerbabe.co.uk who have gone the extra mile for me in 2016 and also a special mention to MTBBatteries who also look after me when they have no other reason to other than being really cool people.
ride 119
19 miles
total 2510

and so to the totals for 2016. this is the first year I’ve logged every ride on strava so can accurately measure both fun and commuting rides
Rides: 230
Fun: 2510 miles
Commute: 1494 miles
Total: 4004 miles

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