The Enemy within

Picture by Dan Phillips
I am my own worst enemy. My last ride was ok, I had a cold, it was getting better, i thought I was over it. I was not. I tried too hard to keep up with the other guys today and paid the price. the price was a relapse. Now i odn’t just have conjestion, blocked sinuses etc, now i have a cough. riding in sub zero temperatures isn’t good for your lungs at the best of times and having already got some sort of infection going on was not the sensible thing to do.
I can’t help it though, I hate missing out on rides, be it with others or solo. a day without riding is a day wasted is my stupid sides motto, life is too short, there aren’t enough opportunities to ride to deliberately miss one is another. my non sensible side always wins out, i feel guilty if i don’t ride. my sensible side is weak. i should have been tucked up on the sofa or out for a gentle head clearing walk (walk?? wtf! (stupid side-here)) or even a ride a quarter of the length or at a more sensible pace.
I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve mentioned i need to be sensible and utterly failed to follow my own advice, I’ve even advised other people not to return too soon after illness or injury siting myself as an example of how it can go wrong!
I can resist anything, booze, fags, drugs even cake! (ok, maybe not crisps) but i can’t resist riding. currently i feel crap, proper shivery, coughing like an old man with a lifetime of 40 a day cigarette habit and i’m still considering riding to work tomorrow which will potentially fuck up my weekend riding. what an idiot!
my name is rocketdog and i’m a riding addict.
ride 6
20 miles
total 114

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