the waiting game

the weather forecast was spot on, heavy rain from 8am, I’m not a fair weather rider by any means but even I didn’t fancy the downpour combined with lashing winds. So it was time to use the car and go for breakfast out somewhere and play the waiting game. would it or wouldn’t it stop? 
about 11 o’clock sitting watching the skies from a comfy seat through the coffee shop window there was suddenly a glimpse of blue. It wasn’t the frequent trams that stop outside it was actual blue sky! From that moment on things only improved and i began to get itchy. this maybe just a temporary window of opportunity. the clouds might gather again and dash my hope before i made it home. Sensing my eagerness to get back my OH suggested we leave and i didn’t need to be told twice.
I’ve never got changed quicker and within moments i was pedalling up the road in bright sunshine, yes the trails were a tad…well damp shall we say but wet ground is no chore compared to wet air. it was still windy but i was just glad to be out. it was even warm! I will admit to feeling a bit smug having waited especially as a few guys i know had been suffering all morning in the rain in a local sportive but i’m not as hardy as they are!
hopefully spring is now going to begin and start a few weeks of drier weather.
ride 15
15 miles
241  miles

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