inflation situation brings realisation

I’ve got a new rear wheel!, it now matches the front in all but the fact that the tyre didn’t stay inflated over night, seems like i need to redo my rim tape. so i thought i’d take out the adventure bike instead, as i extricated it from the store i noticed it had a flat front tyre, inflation fail two! so i took the plus bike out instead.
I’ve not ridden this bike for ages and today’s ride made me realise i don’t need it. it’s not one thing or the other, it does not excel at any one thing. it doesn’t have the grip of a fat tyre, it doesn’t roll as well as a 29er.
anyone want to buy some 27.5+ rims?
ride 30
16 miles
total 593

One thought on “inflation situation brings realisation”

  1. Well I love my 27.5+ bike, but for a quite narrow purpose. I like it for riding trail centres and for when the local trails are dry and fast. I find 29” wheels too cumbersome for technical riding, and the fat bike finds its limits in the dry and at trail centres.


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