Summer time and the riding is easy..

1st ride at the Wyre Forest this year and it couldn’t have been better, hot sun, dusty trails, it was like summer!
there is nothing better than following the rider in front and having dust flick up from their wheel rather than mud. Ian showed us some new trails and i think 75% of the whole ride i’d not ridden before. when a trail is almost 2 miles long, all single track with drops, g-outs, sinuous climbs, off camber sections, root gardens, stream crossings and narrowness it’s always going to be good. add in the dry conditions and it becomes the perfect trail. throw in the odd water fall and it starts to become unbelievable, like you’ve made it up in your head to be the perfect trail.
I can’t emphasise how good this day was, short sleeves and knees out at the beginning of April in the UK? it’s almost a freak occurrence.
the only downer was a crash by Russ, one minute he was on my back wheel and the next time i looked back he was nowhere to be seen. we stopped at a fallen tree and scanned the woods for him. i saw a wheel sticking up and knew he was down. I ran back and helped him out of the stream where he’d fallen. luckily he was ok, bruised and muddied he got back on the bike (after we had checked it over) and resumed the ride.
if only, apart from Russ’s incident all rides could be this good.
ride 28
16 miles
total 565

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