"there’s this new trail"

Dan reckoned there was a trail at Clent that we hadn’t ridden and that it was briliant. over hype? over egging the pudding? whatever, it needed to be ridden.
on a lovely sunny spring morning we set off from home, i’d just got over a cold and was expecting to bail before we got to the new trail as there’s a fair bit of climbing and i just didn’t know how i’d fair.
not to worry i was fine or because of the trail conditions i forgot i’d been ill, which is usually the way, i was also wearing a wrist brace after my extreme BMXing accident so i held that in reserve as an excuse for being shit at riding (what’s my normal excuse i hear my riding buddies say)
well we made it to clent via waseley, a hope over a fence on a closed road and avoiding the lure of cake on the way (i must be ill)
I made the mistake of following an ebike up a steep hill and had to back off while Russ and Howard cleaned the Waltonberg, and not with brooms!.
the new trail? well add some eggs to the bowl and raise the hype lever to well. hyper. it was everything as described and more. Dan had also arranged a carpet of bluebells too, it must have taken him ages to plant them all the night before.
so to the return, there had to be cake at some point and on such a nice day some hop based beverages. the latter coming at the end of a long bridleway that i haven’t seen so dry for literally years so the liquid was welcome to refresh dusty throats, i don’t get to say that often!
i lasted the whole ride and without wingeing i think, you’ll have to ask the others
ride 34
29 miles
total 651

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