almost a triathlon

Russ needed a few more miles in his legs for an upcoming event so suggested a long road ride, approx 70 miles. I managed to borrow a demo emonda sl for the day so i joined him. much suncream was applied as the forecast was for hot sunshine all day and for once the weather people got it right.
the route wasn’t too lumpy but a strong headwind made the outer leg a chore. the scenery however was about as for from hard work as it’s possible to get. the Worcestershire and warwickshire sunshine is stunning in the summer time and the quiet lanes we were rolling along made it into some sort of cycling nirvana.
we were even sensible keeping properly hydrated, i drank 4 full bottles, half a litre of water and two pots if tea. i also slipped in beans on toast and a cream tea too just to keep my energy levels up. the beans made it that little bit more windy and i regretted it soon after but by that point we had turned the corner and gained a tail wind.
i’d like to say the rest of the ride went without incident but if you think of Adele’s song “rolling in the deep” you can imagine what happened to me in Coughton Ford whilst avoiding a dog. Luckily because of the heat of the day i dried rapidly and my phone didn’t get wet, only my pride was drenched.
in the end we did 81 miles and celebrated with a pint at Alestones, this pint was the reason i didn’t carry on to break the 100 mile barrier. the alcohol went straight to my legs and i felt the wobble as i pedalled the last mile or so to home
ride 39
81 miles
total 796

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