Howard’s progress

with a longish ride planned for tomorrow i tried to learn the lessons of last weeks evening ride, namely eat something first and don’t have too many beers!
it worked, i felt good and bombing down the new part of “certain death” as brilliant, as was the newly reopened “double drop” and the perenially quick “keep right”
Howard has come on leaps and bounds, the Guy knows how to handle a rapid two wheeled vehicle due to his years of experience riding motor bikes, trying to keep up with him on the berms of “keep right” was an impossible task, the man is rapid. His slow speed technical riding has also improved 100% from when he first started riding with us. the imminent arrival of a dropper post will only move his off road prowess forward quicker. we’ll all have to step up our game to try and stay ahead of him.
ride 44
8 miles
total 966

One thought on “Howard’s progress”

  1. After riding the local hills for 5 years I thought I knew my way around. How wrong I was, and riding with the NWACC I have been encouraged, pushed and challenged on every ride. Thanks for the encouragement Gary.


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