50 on 50

My 50th non commuting ride of the year coincides with riding 50 miles. Russ and I had a middle aged 29er boys adventure to the capital of the NWAlps and back.
It started off scorchingly hot but cloud cover came in during our breakfast stop at Diglis and although the temperature didn’t drop much it was a relief not to be in direct sunlight.
we saw many sights, a rescued mobility scooter being fished out of the basin, not sure if the owner was next to be raised, 3 pink ladies with triple push chairs looking harassed, innumerable Heron looking stately, lots of runners, a bird of prey/seagull, rabbits both flat and running an seemingly abandoned mobility scooter (a day for these seemingly) with a “thanks for your concern but I’ve gone fishing” sign in it’s basket. a fallen old lady ( rescued but not by us) and the “i’ve got a cannondale” girl.
we had bacon, beer and cake. i’ve gained a sore hamstring and Russ got tingly stinger fingers. All in all a grand day out! 
ride 50
50 miles
total 1119

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