Hunting for the local riding mojo

I’ve been off the bike for a week and a half with a bad cold, lost my voice completely at one point and unusually for me i wasn’t even miserable about not being able to ride. After all the great rides and events over the summer it’s been a bit of a downer as far as riding is concerned.
so today i popped into the cycle show at  the NEC to have a look at the latest bikes etc. i lasted an hour and a half before wanting to get away from the crowds and out on my bike, so if anything the cycle show at least inspired me to get out and into the saddle!
Today was also the day Birmingham Velo closed a lot of the roads near me as 15,000 riders rode 100 miles through the county. i popped over to the nearest point to me to spectate. there were quite a few irate motorists being turned away but the riders seemed to be enjoying the day. the benefit to me though was that roads away from the route were very quiet when it came to other riders and the trails were empty.
i didn’t do anything special, i broke no personal records, no new routes were explored and i was coughing a lot at the top of any incline but i just followed  the front wheel and meandered around until i got tired and headed towards home. it was great and i enjoyed it more than a lot of the other rides i’ve done lately. maybe i’ve turned a corner, only time will tell
ride 65
24 miles
total 1402

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